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Full day at Benja Thermal Baths
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After breakfast we depart from Saranda towards the Thermal waters of Benja. They are known as Benja Thermal Baths and are placed 14 km away Permet City. In Petran Commune, in the massive rocks from the both sides of the Lengarice River spring six water sources born from the geothermal waters. To arrive at this nature monument, we follow the itinerary Saranda-Permet-Petran-Benje. On the way we take a peak from a distance to the city of Gjirokastra as well.


Before we arrive at the thermal waters we will pass a nearby is a stone bridge over a winding stretch of brilliantly blue-green water. Built in the Middle Ages, it has been letting people cross the sulfur-rich river since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Warm water rushes beneath it, providing a relaxing treat for those who visit. The heated water flows down the river unless it gets diverted into one of the several human-made pools. They’re a splendid spot for a hot soak on a crisp,cool day.


The water at Benja Thermal Baths contains Sulphur and has enormous high curative effects, 4 of the sources are used for chronic disease of rheumatism, another one is especially used stomach disease and the last one for skin diseases. The Benja Thermal Waters have a temperature of 26 - 32 grade Celsius. The water contains Sulphur and there is a strong smell in the area. It's muddy so bring some water-shoes! We pass 1-2 hours in the thermal waters. After an optional lunch in Permet (Antigonea restaurant), we head back to the hotel in Saranda.


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